Sacha Yacu: Week 2

Dearest Intrepid Readers, today we’ll cover week 2 of my Amazonian adventure. Right, so I clambered into the taxi back to Sacha Yacu and met the new volunteer, a Danish woman we shall call Mary. Mary, it turns out, would be spending a month in Sacha Yacu just as Nancy had. An additional point of … More Sacha Yacu: Week 2

The Road to Ayacucho

Greetings Intrepid Readers and apologies for a delay in posting. I want to share with you today our recent trip to Ayacucho, Peru (WITH PICTURES!) Melissa and I went to Ayacucho Peru to see their Semana Santa, or Holy Week, celebrations that they held over Easter Week. This is the largest celebration for Easter in … More The Road to Ayacucho

The World is Your Oyster and All the Buses are a Stage

Melissa and I have moved into an apartment in the Barranco District in Lima. It’s quaint and charming. It’s very bohemian and it’s where all the starving artists live. It’s a bit like New York  City’s Greenwich Village I suppose. It’s where Friends would be set if Friend’s took place in Lima. Anyway, as the starving … More The World is Your Oyster and All the Buses are a Stage

Settling In

Greetings, Intrepid Readers! 3 Weeks has passed since we left the States for a 10 month stay in Lima, Peru. Now that we’ve got housing and internet figured out, behold! My very first post. Rather than give you a blow by blow of what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, I’ll give you … More Settling In