Barranco: A Photo Essay

Just a heads up, this post should really be called Barranco: Places Where I Eat Lunch.

A few days ago, Lima had a rare day a sunshine, so I took the opportunity to take Melissa’s fancy DSLR out and take some photos of the neighborhood. While taking photos, I tried my hand at some fancier compositions and playing with depth of field. Most of them didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but it was fun to play around and learn some more of the basics of photography. I think this is a hobby I could come to very much enjoy.

Due to spending too much time playing with different shots of the same locations, and clouds rolling in after about 2 hours of being out, I didn’t photograph as much of Barranco as I would have liked, but what I did, I hope you’ll enjoy. I am buy no means claiming to be any form of photographer, good or bad, pro or amateur, but some of the photos I got I am quite proud of. Most of them I just wish could be better.

Let’s dispense with the introduction, shall we. Without further adieu, here is Barranco: A Photo Essay

Some city sanctioned graffiti . I don’t know the meaning of it, but I think it looks pretty cool.
One of the shots I’m more proud of. Statues of the heads of condors that flock in the neighborhood.
Barranco has a lot of Colonial era buildings, this is one of the more intricate ones.
Barranco used to be the vacation area of Lima’s wealthy, so there are lots of cool colonial mansion about.
Our grocery store, Metro, which is trying to fit in with the colonial architecture, but comes off being more Art Deco.
Metro – where we try to blend in by sticking out
My preferred place for lunch, Sr. Roos
Their Sunday chalkboard, when they are not selling their rotating weekday menú items
Barranco’s main church – located across the street from the plaza
I don’t know too much about it other than it is not actually all that old
A close up of the church entrance
The super cool library on the plaza
Perhaps you’ve already seen photos of the library from this angle – only in ULTRA HDR with the contrast jacked all the way up. This is what it actually looks like; it is not neon.
Heh. Butt crack.
The plaza is well landscaped and always being tended to. Why aren’t plazas in the United States a thing? They should be.
El Menu de George por el dia. They buck the trend and use a white board.
Here’s a more traditional chalk board menu. George and Varadero are two of my frequent lunch spots.
Barranco really is this colorful and its awesome. Everyone had their flags out because  July 28th,  Fiestas Patrias,  their Independence Day, was coming up when I took these picture. Also, they are legally mandated to fly their flags for 3 days before and 3 days after , if my understanding is correct.
I braved an oncoming car for you lot. I hope you like this picture.
More city approved graffiti to beautify the entrance to this parking lot.
Some of my favorite street art in  Barranco. Not sure about meaning of the ant sculpture though.
Another of the photos of which I am more proud, this is another old colonial mansion that has since been updated into some fancy building for events.
Its one of my favorite buildings in Barranco
I just think the Angel is cool.
This is a pizzeria I’ve not yet been too, but it has given new life to another colonial mansion.
This church is older and used to be the main church, but during renovations, someone did something to the rood, which is now no longer capable of supporting itself, so while pretty, goes unused.
My preferred watering hole and some of the best craft beer in Lima.
The exterior
And interior
The exterior of a local bar that I’ve never actually seen open.
The Eric Clapton mural is on point, but I’m not sure what happened to Michael Jackson.
If I ever see this bar open, I’ll go and report back. Until then, here the rest of the mural.
The tree lined street of  Avenida Pedro de Osma
Stairs up to the Plaza from the former Main Church
Looking back at the Church. The bridge goes over a lower street that is all the expensive places to eat because tourists don’t know any better.
From the bridge. I have not eaten at Santos. At some point I’ll try these places out, but they are pricey. I also don’t recall seeing Santos open for lunch.
Tio Mario, probably the most expensive place to eat in Barranco. No, I have not been, but it looks cool.
I call this stretch of buildings America Row because….
Of these companies and of course….
This one
This is the real cafe in Barranco, Bisetti. It’s Melissa’s preferred to place to study if she’s not doing so in the apartment. I’ve only gone twice because coffee shops aren’t my thing. I don’t like coffee. I accept that I an unclean heathen.
Back at the Plaza, a man who’s talent exceeds that of the bus aisle, plays the Saxaphone. He was playing Billy jean
THE place to get ice cream, Crem de la Crem on the plaza. This is another of my favorite photos.
The main stage on the plaza. Sexy Power dance class was getting read to set up. They teach people to dance, but most of their dances mainly focus on flailing your arms while walking forwards.
Closer to out apartment is the burrito bar. Whenever I walk past this place, I only ever hear English emanating from within as it is the preferred place for gringos in Barranco.
I also like Burrito Bar, but when I can get most lunches for 9 or 10 soles, 17 is a bit much to go too often.
The doorfront in the middle is my preferred Bodega for acquiring 750ml bottles of beer for the low, low cost of 5 soles, about $1.50.
Cusqueña, my beer of choice if i’m not at Barranco Beer Company.
The best place in Barranco to get Pollo a la Brasa, Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken, located conveniently near my apartment building. 
Across the street from Welkin’s, another great example of a Colonial Era building, and probably my favorite building in Barranco.
Just me playing with depth of field  with some flowers in front of  a burger restaurant near our apartment.
I’m ridiculously proud of them even though I think they could still be better.
Our apartment building
Some fruits in veggies at a nearby market that I meant to put further up in the post, but forgot about and am too lazy to fit it in where I mean to.
I am made to understand that when posting many photos on a blog or forum, the internet demands a cat tax. Here is the resident mouser, a job that I can attest to her being very bad at. Her name is Minnie and she yells at us to be pet, but she is super cute. She give us some relief from missing our kittens when we get to see her and give her demanded attention.

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